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date: 14 januari 2005
type: photoshop & compatibles plug-in (win only)
description: package of 246 plug-ins
info: "... especially the search for unexpected filters in a new series called formulas, in which I forced myself to ignore my programming knowledge and just started to type in code in a simple and stupid looking way, by just adding and multiplying letters or numbers in the programming language till the filter would give a black or white result or there would be no result at all. Also the filter would have the name of the code I used. This led to a series of filters which sometimes had very long names. The most exciting part came when I put these filters into the Photoshop plug-in directory. When chosen in Photoshop itself the result was that it took over Photoshop's interface completely."
From: Art is a software plug-in. Interview with Peter Luining by Thomas Petersen (24 januari 2005).
download: formulas 19.22 mb (zip file + installation instructions)